Diff'ent Strokes

You know what I loved more than reading about Shane Doan's comments about the forthcoming NHLPA offer to the NHL?

The Fans responses at the bottom of the article.

**With this offer I see no reason they shouldn't be playing hockey.

**I can't believe the Players have to renegotiate a new deal! HEY! ITS THE OWNERS THAT RUN THE D*MN LEAGUE!!! Shouldn't THEY be trying to fix it! But noooooooo, they're still getting paid during the lockout so they don't really care.(excuse me for a moment while I continue to roll my eyes at that one)

**Shame Gary Bettman is unreasonable and probably won't take this one seriously.Why is the union so antagonized when they are the only ones willing to make any concessions in this dispute?

**The league is locked out for one reason and one reason only. They need a cap. So the NHLPA can come up with all the offers they want if there is not some kind of either (Team cap) or (Player salary cap) Then I don't even know why the NHLPA is bothering offering this deal up to the NHL and it's board.

What a joke. Let's see if I got this straight... you can pay us 20 guys on your team $40 million US. But if you really want you can pay us more... which our agents will make you pay if you want our services. Not only will you pay us more, but you will have to pay the other teams for the right to pay us more. Oh yeah, the contract has to be guaranteed also, so that you (the owner) are really screwed. This represents a significant offer to you BUY us the players. Since we really won't make crap in the real world and since our endorsement contracts are now drying up faster than ice in arizona... we will offer this "significant" concession to you.

Now we'll see if the NHL is serious about fixing the game or out to break the union. I don't think this luxury tax will work, but at least it's a place to start negotiating. If Bettman and crew reject it outright, they're trying to bust the union. If they start talking, then they're serious about fixing the problem. My guess? Complete rejection.

**I run a tiny business and I have all the say 'cause I'm the one who put my money at risk hoping to make a buck. MMM, if I have to put up hundreds of millions to run a sport franchise you better shut up and do what I tell you to. OR I GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO YOUR JOB. Union was there to protect small people before, now they are there to rob the rich to pay the union boss. In fact, they rob small people who's not in the union too.More comments can be found on the YOUR CALL section at the bottom of the Doan article.