Drawing from Three, there can only be One for Bolts

Videos posted at The Lightning official team website highlight Victor Hedman, Matt Duchene and John Tavares in separate clips. There is more highlight fluff than assessment and some older interview footage mixed in with footage from the visit with the Lightning all three players had last week.

Below the jump, we present all three videos here.

Victor Hedman:

Matt Duchene:

John Tavares:

One thing I've found from highlight packages (and it's a complaint that deserves a story unto itself) is that offense is the focus and not X's and O's like the NFL...  where sometimes mundanities of blocking, positioning and other minute things are put under the microscope and pointed out with talent in the crosshairs before, during and after the draft.  It'd be nice to see Hedman's passing between himself and his assigned defensive pair, or ability to block shots...

Likewise for Tavares and Duchene, it'd be nice to see their ability to break up plays in their own zone, or create starting from their own zone...  But the focus of the highlights tend to focus on putting the puck on net and hit-ability.  I don't need jump-cut edits of goals as-so-much overall contributions.