Five questions with Copper & Blue

Jeff and I ask each other some questions about our teams

Because of the Edmonton-Tampa game this evening, Jeff Chapman (Editor of Copper & Blue) and I decided to toss some questions around in order to see what we think of our respective teams. If you all could give him a follow on twitter (@NewWaveOil) you won't be disappointed. His version of the Five Question is over here at Copper & Blue.

Raw Charge: The Oilers have been an exciting team to watch, I used to hardly ever pay attention to them because...well...they were the Oilers, but now with a healthy Connor McDavid, a better defense, and a strong goaltender, the Oilers look like they could make some noise in the playoffs. How do you think the Oilers will handle their first playoff action in over 10 years?

Copper & Blue: It's no doubt that the Oilers and their fans are ready for their first playoff berth in over a decade.  The city and its fans will be swallowed up in playoff fever.  How will they handle it?  Honestly, I haven't a clue.  I hope they win at least one game.  That's not a very high watermark, but it's one I hope they can hit it should they get to the second season.

RC: I've seen some quiet rumbling that Cam Talbot has really helped solidify both the goaltending and defense for you guys. What is your opinion on how he has played this season?

CB: Cam Talbot has been an absolute rockstar for the Oilers this year.  He's hitting a .921 SV% right now, and he leads the league in games played.  For everyone's sanity, I hope he's able to take a few more games off leading into April, because burnout is on more than a few peoples' minds.

RC: We in Tampa have our own superstar in Steven Stamkos and he is an absolute joy to watch, but tell me, how is it having Connor McDavid on your team tearing the league apart on essentially every shift he takes?

CB: You're going to get a few different opinions from a few different people about exactly how dependent the Oilers are on McDavid, but the truth of the matter is that there's no talk about playoffs without McDavid in this lineup.  He's an absolute joy to watch after missing eleven years of the second season.  We are not worthy.  But boy, am I glad they have him.

RC: Every team has their blemishes, what do you think are the Oilers' biggest weaknesses are and what do you think they should do to address it?

CB: The Oilers are thin on the right wing, and I hope they'll do a little light shopping between now and next week for a rental.  Also of great importance is the need for a backup goalie, as Laurent Brossoit has exactly one game and some change in the league this year.

RC: From an emotional standpoint how does it feel that management has finally given you and the rest of the Oilers faithful a team that actually gives you hope? I know the past few years must've been extremely difficult for y'all.

CB: I will cry like a blubbering child if and when they make the second season. I don't go throwing around the P word until it happens. Some fans haven't forgiven Peter Chiarelli for the deal that sent Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils, and I get that. It's a hot button issue that won't go away tonight or tomorrow. While that trade enrages people to this day, it will absolutely be a huge emotional relief if this team plays past the regular season in April.  It's gonna be nuts.