For creative types: Design a Raw Charge jersey / uniform

Hockey logos, jerseys, and uniform designs bring out a passionately creative breed of hockey fan with fantastic graphic and Photoshop skills.  You can witness this on a regular basis with designs cooked up and posted on Icethetics, or Puck Drawn.  The creations can be innovative, clever, controversial, or just a subtle upgrade.

Of course, the Tampa Bay Lightning brand transformation that launched last winter set off a flurry of design ideas before and after the unveiling of the new Bolts logo and uniform system. Everyone had something to add or change with the design; everyone had something or other they wanted to see included or eliminated...

With the summer doldrums in full effect throughout the hockey world and on Raw Charge; with the Lightning changing their own looks around...  I got an idea.

What about a Raw Charge jersey design contest?  Just what would people expect or creative for a team named Raw Charge, playing in the SB Nation Hockey League?

When I say contest, I don't mean "with fabulous gifts and prizes", this would just be for bragging rights and chest thumping, and just a display of personal creativity.

The ground rules are pretty simple:  Take the site name and theme (knowing we're covering the Tampa Bay Lightning) and create a jersey system around it.  You don't need to adhere to the current site logo or color scheme (it needs to be tweaked anyway), you can create your own.  You also don't have to cling rigidly to Tampa Bay Lightning logo or jersey system (new or old).

We recommend using any one of the jersey templates you can find on this Puck Drawn page.

Entries should be emailed to me at jpfontana at with the subject title "Raw Charge Jersey contest submission".  You're allowed multiple submissions if you want to.

We'll allow entries for two weeks, starting today, and then announce the winners the week of August 1st.

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