Former General Manager Jay Feaster returns to the Tampa Bay Lightning franchise

The former Lightning and Calgary Flames general manager will rejoin the organization as Executive Director of Community Hockey Development.

When Brian Burke took over the Calgary Flames, the writing was somewhat on the wall from a third-party perspective that then-Flames general manager Jay Feaster was to be deposed at one point soon, and that happened in December 2013. It was also like deja vu -- in 2008 we saw OK Hockey LTD take control of the Tampa Bay Lightning and outright ignore Feaster until he resigned from the club to little fanfare.

Feaster bleeds Tampa Bay blue though, and a return to the Tampa Bay Lightning didn't seem outlandish to suggest after his ouster in Calagary. And now it's happening.

Raw Charge has learned Feaster has been hired to help cultivate the local game of hockey from the ground up - youth and high school hockey will be his focus as Executive Director of Community Hockey Development. He'll be working with assets already part of the Lightning executive suite to give more focus and support to local high school programs as well as aiding the local rinks.

Feaster should officially begin work with the club after the Fourth of July weekend.