Home Appreciation

Much thanks to Doug Girvan who sent me the below image from Vincent Lecavalier's home town.

Photo of Billboard located at main intersection upon entering ile Bizard the home of Vincent Lecavalier.
"Felicitations A Vincent Lecavalier" - Congratulations to Vincent Lecavalier

The island, L' ile Bizard is situated to the north west of Montreal with a population of approx. 12,000.

Photo taken this evening 9 June 2004


Knowing how little we find out about Ile Bizzard here in Tampa (and yet we've heard of over and over again since Vinny was drafted), I've asked Doug if he can give us more information or perhaps more pictures of the town.

Speaking of which, I'm also interested in hearing more about the history behidn Rimouski Oceanic. Any die-hard Bolts fan knows the relevance of the Oceanic - the junior team that had Lecavalier and Brad Richards - but of course we hear very little about the team (which goes for most of the Canadian Junior leagues for that matter) down here.