how am I supposed to feel about this?

On one hand -- I'm bummed we didn't get 2 points and that was yet another win by the Panthers against the Lightning in OT.

On the Other -- good god damn, was that a marvelous comeback!!! The Lightning were down 5-1 to start the third period before scoring 4 unanswered goals! St. Louis (2), Craig, Richards bring the Lightning back from the depths.

On one hand -- I'm pissed off on the goalie situation. Grahame -- I don't know how much to fault him on this one. 3rd game in 4 nights, back to back games in this case and he gives up 4 goals on 11 shots in the 2nd period. Who is to blame though? Grahame? Torts for not having faith in the rookie, Gerald Coleman? Jay Feaster for not picking up a goaltender at the deadline (yeah, beating a dead horse here).

On the other hand -- you have to admire Coleman for playing as well as he did. He faced several flurries in the 3rd period as well as OT before ultimately giving up his only goal -- the one-on-one break away goal to Olli Jokinen. One goal on 13 shots. Better than the Olympian, rookie.

On one hand -- we needed two points. The east race is too close to only have 1 and we shouldn't have bumbled things to give Florida such a wide lead to begin the 3rd.

On the other -- good god, man, that was that a marvelous comeback!!! Four goals in 20 minutes? Oh I'm not happy about the loss but damn! I will take 1 point any day after the 1st two periods of this one!

I could go on, back and forth... but coming back in this game against Luongo means a ton. This team deserves a hell of a lot of credit for what they did tonight.