It's Done

TSN.Ca reports the NHLPA has indeed ratified the new CBA.

Of course, Tie Domi took the opportunity to speak out of his bunghole:

"This deal is going to benefit guys like Sean Avery and Manny Legace - who wasn't here," Domi said before leaving Thursday. "It's easy to knock things, especially when things are getting settled, and that's the only thing I had an issue with."Speak your mind but don't do it when you haven't even played 100 games in the league. It just wasn't the time for any of those guys to speak up. If Manny Legace had some issues, where was he last night to speak about it? I give Sean Avery credit for being here.

"Manny Legace? I didn't know him, the only thing I knew about him was that he played 10 games when Dominik Hasek played 72 and they won a Stanley Cup. All of a sudden (Legace) is in the headlines for something he said."

Here are Manny's stats for you, Mr. Domi... 146 NHL games compiling a 77-35-18 record with 6 shutouts and a 2.22 GAA... Gee, looks like he's had more than 100 games played. Hmmmm....

I'll take Manny Legace's comments over yours any day.....

At any rate, forget the snide remarks -- HOCKEY IS BACK, BABY! :D

Edit: the venerable James Mirtle was at the player meetings last night and delievered a blog report this morning from happenings yesterday.