Johan and the kitties

Johan Holmqvist starts in net tonight for the Lightning against Florida...


Let me say it again, maybe this will register for some of you die hards and some of you non-die-hards. Johan Holmqvist starts in net tonight versus the Florida Panthers. In six games versus the Kitties in 2006-07, he was 1-2 with a 4.88 GAA and a .841 save percentage. Do I need to go on? To put it shortly, Johan was a disaster versus the Panthers for one reason or another. Versus numerous opponents last year, he looked fine if not great in net. But when it came to the Panthers it wasn't the greatest performance that he could put up... And that's putting it lightly.

18 Goals allowed and 113 shots faced in six games. That's only close to 19 shots a game for the mathematically challenged. That's unacceptable.

But here we are, it's a new season, a new start... Will Johan make the most of this tonight or will we see Marc Denis getting his first action of the season to spell Holmer? I'm hoping for the former and fearing the latter. I made a big deal about the Lightning playing a division rival on Saturday and this is just as big... Division rival trying to reverse it's losing ways with a new backstop with a reputation all his own. If the Lightning fall into the same trap as last year against the Panthers, this could end badly.

That's why I'm wariest about Holmer regressing into 2006-07 form for tonight.