Juiced story syndrome

Rays / Red Sox about to get underway on TBS (why the hell did MLB approve putting all playoff games in the first two rounds on basic cable?!) but I wanted to bring up MSNBC trying to milk everything out of Tim Wakefield's start tonight in an online column.

I've got loads of respect for Wakefield and can remember him from his early days with the Pittsburgh Pirates (when he wasn't just a knuckleballer but one that would throw it fast). Between longevity and tenure, he gets a nod from me...

But Joe Maddon brought up a great point in the milk-this-drama-to-the-max article:
"When (the knuckleball) is righteous and on, nobody hits it on any given day."Nine innings of baseball... Don't get cocky, don't get complacent and don't get frustrated if the Knuckleball is on tonight, Rays fans. At least two more games -- starting right about now.

Update: 8:57 PM EDT: I stand corrected. Tim Wakefield chased after 3 innings. We go to the top of the fourth -- Rays lead 5-1.