Lecavalier would play in Europe

Vinny doesn't want to sit around while Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman battle the duel-of-the-egos.

In a St. Petersburg Times article this morning, Lecavalier said his agent Kent Hughes is exploring European Opportunities for Vinny. This is most likely quietly happening throughout the league in preparation for a lengthy work stoppage.

This is not good news for Tampa Bay fans simply due to the risk fact. I don't blame Vinny for looking at all options and I know if I was in his shoes I would b doing exactly the same, but from a standpoint of risk ,the chance the first-line forward could be injured in European play worries me to no end.

It's another reason in a long list of reasons why the NHL and the Players union need to stop posturing themselves and start dealing. The fans are going to be screwed over by this once again, as all labor-stoppages in pro-sports tend to do.