Show your support: Lightning return flight arrival time / location

It's a bittersweet thing, but the Lightning are returning home from Boston this afternoon after losing the Eastern Conference Finale last night...

And at the same time, this is not a point of sadness, or bitterness, or spitefulness.  It's a moment to rally around and thank the players in kind by showing support.  The Lightning are scheduled to arrive at Tampa International Airport (at the Jet Center) at 1 PM this afternoon.

From the team:

The Tampa Bay Lightning are calling all hockey fans throughout the Bay Area to welcome back the team at the Tampa International Jet Center as it returns home to Tampa on Saturday at 1 p.m. The jet center is located at 4751 Jim Walter Blvd. in Tampa.

Fans are encouraged to show up in Lightning gear and are also welcome to bring flags, signs, banners and other items showing support for the team. Joining fans on site at the Jet Center will be Thunderbug. Media are also invited to attend to shoot video and photography of the team’s arrival.

Ladies and gents, if you go, you should cheer them loud, cheer them long, and when you're done cheering, cheer them some more.  It's the best way as a collective fan base we can thank them for the thrill of this season.  For year one or a rebuilding effort of this franchise, they far exceeded expectations.