Links: 38 Reasons why Stamkos should go No 1 at the All-Star Draft

Only one more game before the NHL All-Star game this weekend and Martin St. Louis thinks of reasons why Stamkos should go number 1 in the NHL All-Star Draft. He comes up with 38 of them to be exact. ( also spells St. Louis name wrong in the title of the article calling him Marin St. Louis but that's not the point of the link).

But looking ahead after the All-Star game, is the continuance of the Lightning's giant homestand and the NHL trade deadline that happens at the end of February. If the Lightning are in a similar position to what they are right now in the standings, it may make for an interesting deadline for the Lightning.

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Your video of the week takes on the question: will there be an end to the beer line at hockey games?