Marketing a defaced product

Taking a break from fuming over the Lightning for a minute, I got a nifty little email this afternoon from one of the upteen PR firms that contact me from time to time with various sport inanities that are out there. This may be a Tampa Bay Lightning blog (that also covers Tampa Bay sports and sometimes national sports news), but at any given time I'll get emailed marketing for rival franchises (Panthers) or uninteresting videos that PR firms hope to make viral....

In this case, I got a Baseball marketing attempt. This set off my cynic alarm:

Fans who want to rub elbows with the 24 greatest home run hitters of all time should check out

It's the timing that really makes me cynical about this. Yes, it's Spring Training and hope springs eternal. This is when MLB has it's annual renewal...

But then again? This is also the time that is plagued by scandals to no end with thanks to some of these aforementioned "24 greatest home run hitters of all time". How many of those players used the Juice to get where they are? How many are suspected to have used performance enhancing drugs to reach that plateau?

Hope springs eternal... but cynicism prevails while the ugliness of the 'Roid era continues to hang over Major League Baseball. "24 greatest home run hitters" at this point in time is subjective at best, no matter what the stats say.