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What are the odds the NHL will have more teams by 2017?

With all the rumors that have swirled this week about expansion and relocation, it’s no surprise that gambling establishments have started placing odds on various aspects of all the chatter… Bovada kept it real simple with the following aspect:

How Many Teams will there be in the NHL for the 2017-2018 Season?

30 11/4

31 20/1

32 1/1

33 25/1

34 6/5

If you can’t grasp what these odds mean, it’s basically saying that expansion is nearly guaranteed by 2 or 4 teams (with the addition of 2 teams being just about a certainty). Odd-number expansion of 1 or 3 teams is the biggest gamble, with the league staying static at probably the the healthiest gambling odds (4 chances out of 11).

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