NHL General Manager's Meeting Wraps Up

Following two days of headshot and concussion talk, the final day of meetings for the NHL General Manager's covered nothing other than a wrap up of the weeks discussion, and a minor discussion of shootouts and the spin-o-rama.

Lightning GM Steve Yzerman called the discussion "low profile," and emphasized that despite the different interests fairness is the central issue.

"We all have instances where a goal is allowed or disallowed, or a play happens that's not reviewable, that is reviewable," Yzerman noted. "Ultimately we want the right decisions, the right call, whether it works against us or for us, it's in everybody's interest to get the correct call."

Spin-o-ramas were also a discussion point, but the talk there emphasized looking at the move and questioning whether or not it is in compliance with shootout regulations.

NHL Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell said that overall, the week's discussions have been "a step in the right direction." Despite all of the talks this week, there is a lot of work ahead for any changes down the road.

So, in light of the league's recent hits and concussions, did the GM's discussions prove as historic as hoped? Maybe so.

Then again, perhaps whatever happens in Boca stays in Boca.