on edge, but a win

I didn't get to watch the entire game but what I did get to watch -- starting with Kid Sid's tying goal at the end of the 2nd period -- reminded me of the Lightning of old. The problem is, who was invoking that memory was the Pittsburgh Penguins, not the Lightning themselves. Scrappy, high flying, deft... And Kid Sid's goal? I'll put that one up there against Alex Ovechkin's goal-of-the-year from last season.

The Bolts played the 3rd period with desperation but how much? They seemed disjointed and on edge -- undisciplined while this scrappy Penguins crew had the energy to run laps around them (while similarly disjointed and undisciplined) The game came off like a playoff matchup in the "just let'em play" sense... But I had alarm bells going off in my head watching this.

3-2 Lightning win in the SHootout -- Martin St. Louis has the only goal in OT while Mark Recci notched his 1300th career point during the 3rd period. The Bolts are headed home to face another barrage of lot's of games in a narrow timespan...