Orr snaps at the breakup of Gary and Robert

Blah.... All that there is to report is that the bastards have canceled games through December 2nd now...

And of course Bobby Orr -- former defensive great and now player-agent -- is getting as sick and tired of the non-movement as we, the fans, are.


"The time has come for the owners and players to let their feelings be known to Gary and Bob," Orr told TSN in a telephone interview. "Neither one of them wants to be the first one to call the other because they think it's a sign of weakness. Well, I hate to think we are going to lose an NHL season because these two guys are afraid of looking weak.

"The owners have to make Gary sit down with Bob and the players have to make Bob sit down with Gary. If they don't get in a room and start a dialogue, nothing is going to happen. If you talk to people on both sides, they will tell you there is a deal to be made. But in order for the deal to be made, they have to be in the same room. They have to start talking."

"The rest of the girls know Bobby did you wrong," Bettman's girlfriends in ownership should tell him, "but you guys were so good together and people needed you guys together. It hurts seeing you fight like this!"

Meanwhile, across town in a bar somewhere...

"That Bettman is a stone cold bitch, Bobby, but you were so happy," Goodenow's guy pals tell him. "You're bumming all of us out sitting here drunk every day... Drunk with power, drunk with ego, drunk with shoddy liquor -- why the hell are you drinking Zima?"

As the puck turns will continue -- sometime this decade :tongue.