Pondering Options

The Canadian Press speculates on infromation that might worry Bolts fans.

In the CP story, Vinny ponders outloud what he needs to figure out....

"To tell you the truth, I don't know what I'm going to do yet," he said in a phone interview Tuesday. "Obviously, if I sign a one-year deal then I'm free next year. Or I can sign a long-term deal. But I don't know what I'm going to do yet."...

"I'm happy in Tampa," said Lecavalier. "We won the Cup. It's a great bunch of guys there. I love living there, my sister lives there. My first couple of years were pretty tough there but now we're doing very well. But I definitely have to make some decisions."
Of course, the fans of Les Habs will be going absolutely uts at the possibilities over this (as they always do with these things) but just how much is working for and against Tampa?

Lecavalier wanted to stick around in Tampa (before his spat with John Tortorella in 2001-02) and would constantly shoot down rumors that he wanted out or that he was seeking a trade, saying that he wanted to make Tampa a place prospects and Free Agents wanted to come to, making it a championship team.

Well, he's helped turn the Tampa Bay market around, make no mistake. He did it with his best friend Brad Richards -- something the duo had always dreamed about. Is there fire still left in the guy who achieved his primary goals by age 25?

Between Canadian Fans and Larry Brooks, teh speculation that V inny wants out of Tampa will become a rampant fire in the coming days.... Vinny never said in this article he wants out but he is keepign his options open (as anyone in this situation would) but that will be maimed and twisted like usual by the Canadian Media, fan speculation and the like.

One thing is certain, Jay Feaster finds himself in a real bind with this RFA and UFA class, as well as future RFA's (Brad Richards qualifies for Fre UFA status in 2007).... It will be close to impossible to keep this gorup together long term but Feaster is trying.

My thanks to reader Doug Girvan for the article tip off.