Question of the week: Who shall we root against?

Well, sadly, the season's almost over. Only 5 more games until the end of the regular season. And, well, let's face it: the Lightning's hopes for the postseason are slimmer than slim. Practically skeletal, in fact, though it's still mathematically possible. If that makes you feel bitter and angry, you're not alone. But I urge you to use that bitterness. Channel it into something constructive, like rooting for the humiliation of that team (or player) who make you want to puke.

And, for me, since the Ducks are out of it (heeheehee), it's gotta be the Philadelphia Flyers. Oh Flyers, how I hate thee. Let me count the ways:

1. Chris Pronger, skeezy pig, former head Duck, and all-around jerkface.

2. Wayne Simmonds, goalie runner.

3. Scott Hartnell. I feel kinda guilty for hating him, cuz he was great as a Predator, but - on top of the generally annoying sh*t he loves to do - he did run Anders Lindback and he did try to recruit Ryan Suter to leave the Preds, so, sorry, Hartnell. You're on the list.

4. Peter Laviolette. Can't figure out how to beat the 1-3-1? Blackmail the league on national television and accuse the Lightning of ruining the game. That'll take the heat off.

Be afraid, Philadelphia Flyers. Be very afraid. The last team I took this great a dislike to is currently sitting in 24th place in the league.

After the jump, find out how the rest of the staff answered this week's question: By the time this is published there will be only about a week left in the regular season. So....who are you going to be cheering the most against (either getting into the playoffs or during the playoffs) and why? Tell us how you really feel.

Clark Brooks - Staff Writer / Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness

Normally, when I don't have a rooting interest, I pick a team that has never won a championship and/or is an underdog. But I will be rooting passionately for the St. Louis Blues to remain Cup-less. That's because I have friends in St. Louis who are already pretty obnoxious when it comes to sports. As a relocated midwesterner, I can tell you that people in that part of the country can be just as insufferably smug and condescending as people elsewhere. In New York and Boston they're in your face with it but in the midwest, it's more passive aggressive, which is worse. Think Dana Carvey as The Church Lady ("Well, isn't that special?"). With fairly recent championships in baseball and football, a big, fat fail in the playoffs is my only hope to keep them somewhat grounded. Plus, the Blues aren't exactly an underdog so I'm okay with it.

Also, I always root against any team from Philadelphia in any sport, no matter what. Because so many Philadelphia fans barely qualify as human beings...and they're proud of that

John Fontana - Managing Editor / Raw Charge

I'm dead set against the former Thrashers of Winnipeg getting into the playoffs. Their chances are slim while I write this, but the chance is still there. Why so dead set against it? The arrogance and pomposity that has gone with the franchise being relocated to Winnipeg: The Thrasher aspects of the team don't count any more; the team is presented as an expansion team.

When it's not. Hot hardly.

"Winnipeg makes the playoffs in it's first year!" -- No, not really. It's the second time the franchise has made the playoffs and it will be presented like the first time that the franchise has ever made the playoffs -- just like all those milestones and benchmarks early in the season that was overdone.

If any mention of Atlanta comes up with a Winnipeg playoff push, it'll be for further belittlement of Thrasher fans and further ego fluffing for the classlessness that goes on in MTC Center.

IN the playoffs, the team that I will be rooting against is Philly. It's just how it goes. I don't even think I need to articulate the point, as Tampa Bay sports fans (and the broader NHL) know the deal.

Cassie McClellan - Managing Editor / Raw Charge

The Winnipeg Jets is a team that I sincerely hope does not make it into playoffs. I have no problems with the players on the team. But there's a segment of their fans that I seriously do not care for. And it's because of them that I hope they miss playoffs.

Let me put it this way. I would rather the Washington Capitals make it into playoffs than the Winnipeg Jets. And that's saying something, coming from me.

Tina Robinson - Staff Writer / Raw Charge

So, it's playoff time again, huh? Since the Bolts aren't going this year, who else am I cheering against? I really don't like cheering for somebody to lose. Why? Because losing sucks, plain and simple. That being said, there are a couple of teams that I really (REALLY) don't want to see get in or if they do, they go bye-bye in a 4 game first round sweep. Winnipeg. This team comes as close as I can get to hating a hockey team. Just for general purposes. I'd pull for Washington (barely) before I'd pull for the Jets. It's that bad.

Now, if I had my way, neither Washington or Winnipeg would get in. Why the Caps? I despise Alexander Ovechkin. 'Nuf said. It looks like the Penguins will make the playoffs, so I wish them a quick 4 game first round exit. Why? I despise Sidney Crosby. Again, 'nuf said. Oh yeah, and the Flyers. Not as biased in the Western Conference, but I would prefer Calgary to not enter the playoffs, but other than that, I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

Dani Toth - Staff Writer / Benched Whale, Lightning Hockey Blog

Calgary and because I simply enjoy to watch Calgary lose. Eat sh*t Calgary, enjoy JUST missing the playoffs yet again.

Matt Amos - Staff Writer / Don't Trade Vinny

Well, this should come as a surprise to no one: I want the Penguins to get absolutely destroyed.

Destroyed so badly that every last one of them loses the will to play hockey forever and the franchise is forced to start completely over in Kansas City, where it will flounder into complete nothingness for a few years, and a pouty Mario Lemieux finally takes his toys and goes home, leaving the NHL forever and a better place.

To the complete disappointment of absolutely no one on the planet.