Quick Strikes and Links: Olympic ice hockey dominates the news,and blogosphere

The Olympics are the dominant story at current for the Lightning and the NHL, Here are a couple of stories from around the web for your morning reading.

It's been a very long while since Raw Charge ran a link dump post of any kind, and while we're idle here with thanks to the Olympic Break, it seems like a good enough time to fill the void with some actual content from around the web This should also be looked at as an open thread, so chat away in comments.

While the AHL All-star game was last night, the focus of the hockey world is in Sochi, Russia. There's a hell of a lot of coverage out there previewing the men's ice hockey tournament which is forthcoming. Yet women's hockey is in the limelight right now, and that's getting some criticism from both hockey fans and talking heads.

Tampa Bay Lightning News
  • Seven players in the Lightning organization (and two training staff) are off to Sochi for the Games of the 2014 Winter Olympiad. Here's a tribute video from the club. [Bolts TV]
  • Tampa Bay prospect Matthew Peca (C - Quinnipiac) gets the up-close-and-personal treatment as the Lightning prospect of the week. [Bolt Prospects]
2014 Winter Olympic Hockey & General NHL News
  • While women's hockey is the focus in Sochi at the moment, it's also under fire because it's a two-country sport right now. Clare Austin dumps a bucket of cold water on critics [Puckology]
  • As for men's ice hockey, an infographic about which countries boast the most NHL players. [CBC]
  • The dysfunction in Edmonton abates for a day as the Katz Group (the owner of the Oilers) and City of Edmonton agree on a max price and schedule for a new arena [ Rogers Place]
  • The Olympic break offers a welcome respite for the Florida Panthers, who once again are struggling to tread water. [Hooked on Hockey Magazine]
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