Quick Strikes for Friday, July 15

Red Wing gets the contract he never envisioned, the rapidly changing AHL and the Devilish No. 13.

  • Dissecting Mike Sullivan’s season. Spoiler: He ends up winning the Stanley Cup. [Pensburgh]
  • Judge in NHL concussion lawsuit orders insurer to produce player medical records. [TSN]
  • Matt Pfeffer, the Canadiens’ analytics consultant, was let go after he reportedly was against trading P.K. Subban. And the Canadiens’ keep digging themselves into a bigger pile of WTF R U DOING. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • The NHL apparently has a landmark in-market streaming deal with Fox Sports. This can only be a good thing. [Sports Illustrated]
  • The fascinating history of the New Jersey Devils’ unlucky 13. [All About the Jersey]
  • Can you hear the Stanley Cup go “Weeee!” as it goes down a waterslide? [Yahoo Sports]
  • An analyst’s plight because #hockeyproblems. [Hockey-Graphs]
  • From being a walk-on in college, to an undrafted free agent and now a contract extension for Red Wings’ Luke Glendening: four years and $7.2 million. Not too shabby. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Forget next year, the Ottawa Senators are going all in for 2017-2018! [Silver Seven Sens]
  • How the Toronto Marlies are riding the wave of the AHL rapidly changing. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • The Carolina Hurricanes were busy getting some deals done: four one-way deals and then three hours later, locked up the last remaining RFA, Ryan Murphy. [Canes Country]
  • More signings around the league: The Buffalo Sabres will bring back Marcus Foglino, who agreed to a one-year contract. [Die by the Blade]
  • The New York Rangers and their continued shortsighted outlook with their restricted free agents. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Get to know Capitals prospect Shane Gersich, the University of North Dakota sophomore who’s at his third development camp with Washington. [Jaspers Rink]/