Quick Strikes: Tampa Bay Lightning have a new “unofficial” ECHL affiliate, Adirondack

Also, NHL Players on two-way contracts not allowed at Olympics.

The Bolts

The Raw Charge staff share their favorite articles from the past season. Each shares a story about how that article came into existence. As someone who I new here, this exercise was inspiring to watch unfold. “I asked my staff to give me their own favorite stories from last season, and explain why they wrote what they did, and how it helped illustrate any breakthroughs in thinking that their work might have given them about the sport. Also, sports writing is pretty ephemeral, but damn, do we put our hearts into it.” [Raw Charge]

The Prospects

According to Glens Falls Chronicle reporter Gordon Woodworth, the Tampa Bay Lightning are “unofficially” affiliated with the ECHL Adirondack Thunder this season. The Thunder’s “official” NHL affiliate is the New Jersey Devils organization. A new coach will also be announced by the Thunder — former IHL Solar Bear and Atlanta Thrasher, Brad Tapper.

Adirondack will hold a press conference to officially break the news at some point today, but until then, please read some news ABOUT the upcoming news...

Adirondack Thunder to announce head coach and affiliation: “Management of the Adirondack Thunder is poised to announce a new coach and a new affiliation, said Jeff Mead, general manager of Adirondack Hockey, the team’s owner. Mead would not identify the coach or affiliation partner, to be announced at 11 a.m. Tuesday at a press conference at Heritage Hall at Cool Insuring Arena, formerly known as Glens Falls Civic Center.” [Post Star]


(Perhaps if the Chronicle wasn’t a PDF it would be easier to find this news via search terms?)

This coming season we’ll be covering TBL/Crunch prospects who get sent down, which might perhaps include Cam Darcy, Brian Hart, and goalie Nick Riopel again, but maybe not.

A little more news:

AHL players on two-way NHL contracts and ECHL goalies on two-way NHL contracts will ALSO not be allowed to go to the Olympics. “No player with contractual ties to the NHL will be allowed to play in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.” [Syracuse.com]

Howden focused on future with Lightning: "Last year I remember walking out (at development camp) and just being in shock," Howden said. "It happens so fast. This time I got to settle down at home for a bit. After [going] through last year it's nice to be back and my confidence is definitely higher." [NHL]

The Game

Congratulations to Erik Karlsson!

According to the Associated Press, players on two-way NHL contracts will not be allowed to play for their country at the Olypmics in 2018. “The league has decided that players with active NHL contracts, even those in the minors, will not be allowed to participate in the Olympics next February in South Korea.” [AP]

Happy Birthday to Pierre Mcguire who works for NBC but also used to work for TSN in Canada! Did you know that he used to live in Canada before he moved to the States, he is originally from New Canaan, Connecticut. Max Pacioretty was born and raised in the same town and he played his junior with the Sioux City Musketeers and now he plays for the Montreal Cana—

Sorry, got a little carried away there.