Quick Strikes: The Tampa Bay Lightning coaching staff is learning how to teach at 2018 Development Camp

Dev Camp has everything! Snipes, saves, pretty passes, and giants!

The Bolts

The Tampa Bay Lightning are going for the Cup in the foreseeable future, with or without John Tavares. It’s up to him whether he wants to be a part of it. [Yahoo Sports]

Remember when the Washington Capitals viewed 2015-16 and 2016-17 as their “two-year window” to win a Stanley Cup, and then they ended up hoisting it one year after that window seemingly closed?

A similar situation may be brewing for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Lightning drafted NCAA forward Cole Koepke with a sixth-round pick. Get to know who this 20-year-old is and how much upside he might be sable to find in the next few years. [Raw Charge]

In sixty games with the Musketeers last season, Koepke put up a respectable 39 points. The most interesting thing about that number is that of those 39 points, 28 were goals. That’s quite a ratio. Looking a little deeper, he took 217 shots, which was fourth in the USHL. He scored on 12% of those shots, which, for a league like the USHL, isn’t particularly good. Without the ability to look at shot locations, we have a lot of missing information. But based on last year’s numbers, we at least know that Koepke is a volume shooter with some potential to fill the net.

The Prospects

At Development Camp, former Bolt Dmitry Afanasenkov has joined the training staff to show the kids the ropes of being a pro (and show off a little bit too). [NHL dot com]

The shooter closes the gap with the puck on his forehand. He makes a quick move at the edge of the crease to try to dangle Ingram out of position. His first attempt is denied at the post by the right leg of Ingram, but he sweeps the rebound around the outstretched stick of the goalie and deposits the puck inside the opposite post.

Dmitry Afanasenkov still has moves, despite not having played in a NHL game for more than a decade.

After one season with a veteren Syracuse Crunch club, head coach Benoit Groulx has had to manage a much younger squad. As a result, he has learned a considerable about in terms of patience and teaching. [NHL dot com]

“I remember we were talking with (Crunch veteran forward) Erik Condra during the middle of the game, he would tell something to the team and sometimes it would take them five periods to adjust. ‘It’s too late, the game is over, boys,’” Groulx, said with a chuckle. “It’s a totally different dynamic, but it was a good challenge for us.”

Oleg Sosunov is 6’8”. Skating guru Barb Underhill...is not quite as tall.

Sosunov’s extreme height has been a bit of a burden off the ice, as he must bend down considerably to get through doorways, especially in skates. But on the ice, being a head above the rest doesn’t appear to be slowing him down at all.

The following are some highlights from Friday’s 3v3 Dev Camp tournament. The four teams are Team Stamkos, Team Hedman, Team Johnson, and Team Killorn. The games will continue today (Saturday) at 11:45am in Brandon. You can follow along at the Lightning’s Official Twitter account. You can find the rosters here.

The Game

Lovingly known as @Yolo_Pinyato on Twitter, Chris Watkins is an interesting character whose occasional contributions to not only this site, but places like The Athletic have helped shine a light on black players in the NHL. Achariya sat down with “Yolo” and had a conversation about what it’s like being a black person in the predominantly white world of hockey. [Raw Charge]

“I’m ecstatic. Honestly, this is the happiest I’ve been as a hockey fan in quite some time. It offers some measure of legitimacy to fans and players of color, that there is a future where they will be welcomed with open arms into the sport. I think most important is that Willie is alive and well to be able to enjoy the honor, and share in the celebration with his supporters, friends and family.”

Nothing happened on Free Agency Eve Eve. Literally. The only news we recieved from anyone in the hockey world was that the Detroit Red Wings plan to make a trio of bad signings on July 1st. Oh, and Drew Doughty is going to stay in Los Angeles for eight years at $11 million.

Okay, you’re caught up. NOW SOMEONE* SIGN TAVARES !!!!!!

*Steve Yzerman