Raw Charge - 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Coverage

While most of the NHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning will be relaxing on a beach somewhere after this weekend, we here at Raw Charge will be diving into the Olympic hockey experience.

We have three excellent writers joining us for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. All three are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and they will be providing the local view of these winter games. While we will certainly be following how the Lightning Olympians will be doing, our infamous Vancouver Lightning contingent will also be giving us fresh perspective of how things are going in this western Canadian city.

Hockey will be first and foremost, as always. And we will be including some space for the women’s national teams as well as the men’s. But there will also be stories about the city, the locals, the tourists, and the overall games. We hope to bring to Florida, the East Coast of the United States, and everywhere else this site reaches the Pacific Northwest (or, should I say, the Sunshine Coast?) flavor of these Games.

We look forward to providing you coverage of the Olympics and the city in which they’re taking place. Not only do we intend to write about it and have game threads available for select hockey matchups, but we will also hopefully include pictures and perhaps video as well. And if there’s anything anyone’s has questions about, or are particularly interested in, please leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

Raw Charge will be here to help you through these rough two weeks without the NHL or the Tampa Bay Lightning. Please check back often to see what new Olympic tidbits we may have – as well as for any Lightning news that becomes available during this time span. Thank you for reading and participating on our site, and we hope you enjoy the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games with us!