Raw Charge writing: remember to grab your towels at the pool when you come inside

Well, here we are. The offseason. Things have slowed down around here on Raw Charge - part of that's just because the Tampa Bay Lightning have stopped playing, but it's also a bit of a mental break as well. Playoffs went a lot longer than we were expecting, and we're all a little tired.

However, if you're not, then by all means share with the class. We're striving to make Raw Charge a Lightning community, and that means involvement from our readers. Not just comments - though, those have been great! - but also with pictures, stories, analysis, and links of your own. They don't have to be Lightning related, just about hockey.

A community also includes discussion. So if you have questions, or want our (or anyone else's) opinions on various topics, feel free to post that kind of stuff up as well. If you're interested in how-tos or some kind of a writing guide, we can put something together for you to reference. Just put something in the comments of this post if you're needing things like that.

Raw Charge is a year-round (ad)venture, but even we have problems putting stuff up all the time. And this is where you guys (and gals) can help us and yourselves out. If there's anything you feel that needs to be addressed, then post something up about it. Feedback is a wonderful thing, but so are your own contributions as well.

We're grateful that you've made Raw Charge a part of your internet experience. Without you, we'd be writing for just ourselves - which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, but new perspectives are good, too. So if you have something to say, at any time, then don't be shy. Share! And who knows, we might even front page you.

Again, all we ask is that you're respectful and please try to leave the curse words out of your posts. Also, please make sure whatever you write is readable - that means paragraphs, spelling, capitalization where necessary, and punctuation. We reserve the right to make minor edits to your post without your permission, and if necessary, remove it without your consent in extreme cases. If there's anything more than minor grammar and punctuation issues, we may contact you so that you can edit it further.

Happy writing - and reading!