Sarich re-upped

Gotta keep this short (bad storm in the area with lots of lightning), but will give more later: Corey Sarich has been re-signed at 1.9 million dollars.

EDIT 4:19 PM Ok so some bad storms were hanging over my neighborhood and didn't relent until just a few minutes ago.

Sarich's deal is only for a year and avoids arbitration (the hearing was scheduled for Monday). Sarich is the last blue-line member that needed to be resigned and that was achieved. The question now focuses on the jumble at the blue line.. The Bolts dealt one of their top four defensivemen earlier this month (Sydor), signed a top four (Kuba), lost a top 4 to Free Agency (Kubina). The team needs someone to step up yet again on defense and Sarich and most likely Paul Ranger will get opportunities to do so.

There are more questions out there about the defense and about the team but for the moment I will leave them be.