Lightning Round: Bolts All-Star skills content

Kuch, Vasy, and ThunderBug

Last night was the NHL Skills Competition, today is the All-Star Game in South Florida. Here’s a recap of the Lightning boys at the event.

First up, the outfits. Vasy put a little effort in, which is nice to see. Kuch wore his most finest black t-shirt and jeans, haha.

ThunderBug going full Florida Gritty, making up for both of them.

Kuch got the heartfelt (I’m sure) boos on the ice.

Kucherov did pretty well in the shooting accuracy, though he didn’t win.

Vasy kept it light and breezy in the crease.

Vasy expertly explained his team’s tactic for the tandem challenge.


Pat?? That’s a surprise.

Was this exciting for anyone?

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