Teddy Purcell and the tale of the two-year deal

Teddy Purcell will remain with the Tampa Bay Lightning for the next two seasons, at least that's what various reports on Twitter are stating this morning.

Teddy and the club were due to have an arbitration hearing at 9 AM. Sportsnet.ca's Nick Kypreos reported via Twitter that:

settlement also has Teddy Purcell looking forward to 4.725M total in the next 2 years.

Almost an hour later, the team confirms that Purcell and the club have reached a two-year agreement - but it was not through arbitration. The two sides settled before the hearing ever took place.

OK, so, now... what does all this mean?

It means you have what should be a set roster for the 2011-12 Tampa Bay Lightning training camp. Steve Yzerman has said previously that the roster is set, pending any unforeseen opportunities. At the time, inking Steven Stamkos and Purcell were the only transactions still hanging over the club's head.

And now that's done with. I don't expect the front office to go into a month-long hibernation, but it will certainly seem like it from this point until September.

Back to Purcell, he came into his own last season - his first, consistent opportunity with an NHL club. He'd previously had plenty of stints with the LA Kings, but was often shuffled between the AHL and NHL. In 81 games with the Lightning last season, Purcell scored 17 goals and 34 assists. His pairing-up with captain Vincent Lecavalier seemed to propel both players.