The 4th Hanson

Note: Since John is recovering from his hand injury (insert masturbation joke here), I've stepped up to the plate to try and fill in for him while he's down. Make sure to leave a get well message (and masturbation joke if so inclined) for John until he's back on his feet, erghhh, hands.

From what I understand, hockey fans fall into one of two groups, those who enjoy fights and those who are opposed to them. I fall squarely into the former.

Which is why I beamed with pride when I read this story about Bolts right winger Evgeny Artyukhin taking off a Senator's helmet and then laying the beat down on his opponent with THE OTHER GUY'S HELMET.

"I've never seen a player take it off the other players head and then hit him over the head with it," [Ottawa coach Bryan] Murray said. "I don't know why the kid did that. I don't know what was going on there even." Now I'm certainly not condoning the widespread use of this technique, or even suggesting that Artyukhin does not deserve to be fined and suspended for what he did (he does). But, much like Happy Gilmore's record for being the only guy to try and stab an opponent with his skate, you have to give Artyukhin style points for his maneuver.