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The Howe of Carnivale

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages and of course you too members of the blogosphere… Let me draw your attention for un momentito with the announcing that Boltsmag will be hosting the Carnival of the NHL #9 — the Howe of Carnivale, as I like to call it.

Where we – fans, readers, bloggers — are at right now is one level of limbo or another… A calm after one tremendous storm (free agency) with another storm fast approaching… The storm that we’ve been waiting more than a year for: the return of NHL on-ice action. It’ll be starting before this Carnival gets underway in the form of pre-season games but that’s still not the official return of the “Coolest Sport on Earth.”

What I’m looking for in Carnival #9 isn’t so much current news pieces and observations… What I’d like is a “Best of” Carnival — past posts that aren’t current that deals with memorable writings from the 2003-04 season, or memorable posts from the past of other blogs that haven’t been around that long (and there are some great blogs that have only come into existence during the lockout). These posts will have precedence in the Carnival over current event submissions…

Submissions are due a week from today – which will beSeptember 22nd – at 10 PM EDT… I’ll try to have things posted on that Friday but I may take longer… I will keep everyone in the know if that is the case.

As I said — I’m looking for “Best Of” posts. If you previously operated your blog but lost a ton of your entries when switching domains or software, you may want to look at http://web.archive.org and the Wayback Machine…. It’s a valuable tool that both readers and bloggers can use.

Either submit posts via the Contact form on the site or email me webmaster at boltsmag.com

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