The west coast doldrums link dump


I hate when the Bolts seem to fall off the earth for a few days every season.  It might be during west coast spins like now, or maybe a Canada trip...  Regardless, it ends up feeling like the Lightning have shut down, or the NHL in general, even though that could not be further from the truth:

  • Paul Ranger has touched base via text. Nothing else is known... Mysterious! [Lightning Shout]
  • Some people are never going to be happy with Alex Tanguay and will keep seeing him in an ill light because he replaced Vaclav Prospal. See the example of which at Bolts by the Bay
  • Jon Jordan celebrates what a difference a year makes with the make up and outlook on the Tampa Bay Lightning [Hockey Buzz]
  • Central Scouting has released Top-25 lists of draft prospects, sorted by league. [Hockey Prospects]
  • An NHL owner actually vouched for Jim Balsillie? May wonders never cease... [From The Rink]
  • SB Nation's NHL Power Rankings for the week are posted -- the Bolts hold at 10th place in the east. [SB Nation / NHL ]
  • It's an epidemic that's still ongoing -- #unpublishedNHLbooks. Funny, outrageous, silly. WIN [Twitter]
  • It reminds me of Jay Feaster having to re-up Lecavalier / St. Louis and then Richards: The Chicago Blackhawks are navigating tough waters with Toews, Kane and Keith [ TSN ]

Anything else itneresting going on?  Leave it in the comments...