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This week’s Tampa Bay Lightning fan poll: Resolutions!

As the holiday season winds down, so too will the holiday-themed polls, so we have that to look forward to in 2018 (until Valentine’s Day, anyway). But with the New Year comes new hope, new opportunities and new promises we make to ourselves to improve ourselves.

Since this is a Tampa Bay Lightning blog, we’re not going to worry about your personal resolutions; we just assume all good things are going to happen for you. We believe in you! You’re going to get a better job, meet someone nice, lose/gain weight, any or all or none of those things, whichever applies (If you’re resolving to gain weight, it’s going to be kind of hard to empathize with you, though. Nothing personal, it’s just I can’t identify with you as a human being that exists in the same universe as me or anybody I know. That’s all.).

Instead, we’re thinking hockey resolutions, areas in which you would like to see a committed effort of improvement. However, with the Lightning currently doing so well, it’s kind of unreasonable to ask for or expect much more. Sure, I guess the 21st-ranked PK percentage of 79.3% (as of Wednesday) is kind of pedestrian, but being on top in nearly every other statistical category in the league effectively eases the discomfort considerably.

So how about across the NHL? What would you like to see the NHL resolve to do better in 2018? I’m not including “Get rid of Gary Bettman” because I find him endlessly entertaining and would miss him if he was gone, but feel free to use the comments as a write-in for that, or anything else I missed.

What would you like to see the NHL do to improve itself in 2018?

Tighten up the on-ice officiating 18
Tighten up the off-ice officiating (including video reviews) 3
Hurry up and bring back alternate uniforms 16
Forget about ever bringing back alternate uniforms 2
Fewer back-to-backs on the schedule 10
A new, better, good TV deal 13
Shorter road trips, longer homestands (nobody said resolutions had to be attainable. See: “I’m going to the gym three times a week this year!”, every year) 4

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