Tuesday night link dump and open thread (offseason finale)

Rookie camps are in full swing, training camps open this weekend.

It's hockey time, ladies and gents.  And that means the summer is done.  This is the final Tuesday night link dump and open thread.  We hope to keep up the Tuesday link dumps through the season.

Lightning links

Sidenote:  It appears Joe Bolts Fan is no more.  We'll be removing them from the Boltosphere sidebar list.  If you have another Lightning blog to suggest, please list it in comments.

Hockey links

General links

  • Sport teams are moving to green technology in order to save money [Grist.com]
  • St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster remains a small minded tool at this hour, comparing a lowly Bucs team and extravagant NFL ticket prices that cripple sales (league wide in week 1) to the plight of the Rays: meaning he says there is no plight and things are hunky-dory in St. Pete [Rays Index]
  • And if Foster needs to see how the other half lives (meaning outside his city limits), I submit this anecdote from a fan trying to get to the Rays/Yankees game last night [Skyscraper City]
  • The Buccaneers get by the Browns in week 1 of the NFL season. How did all the units on the team stack up? [Bucs Nation]