Tuesdays with Dani: Possible realignment plan

How do you feel about having the Flyers, Capitals, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Hurricanes and Panthers in our division next year? According to Elliotte Friedman on the HNIC hotstove this week, this is the realignment plan that has been gaining steam.

A quick breakdown of the proposed plan is that it will be a 4 division league with each conference having a 7 team and 8 team division. Each team plays a home and home game against other teams not in their division and then the rest of the games are against their own division. That's a lot of inter-divisional games. There will also be a change to the playoff format as the first two rounds of playoffs would also be inter-divisional, followed by a East and West Conference finals in the third round and Stanley Cup in the fourth. The Western teams like the plan because it cuts down on travel but as you can see in some of the links below, some teams are very opposed to it.

So what do you think about this realignment plan?
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