What about that other Tampa Bay Team?

I made the post - first off-topic, substantial post - about the Buccaneer season a couple of days ago... Its from my passion for the Bucs that I voice my displeasure where the tema is heading.

What about the Devil Rays though? What is the Tampa Bay perception of that team in St. Petersburg? Do we care about baseball at all?

That last quesiton is almost a joke to think about - fans are shelling out 18 dollars in some cases for Spring Training tickets right now -- practice games that won't feature all the stars of any franchise. Of course these games are at inimate ballparks when the weather is good... There is passion for Baseball here in Tampa Bay but...

Well, lets get to those Deviled Eggs... The crock of a franchise in St. Petersburg which has been grossly mis-managed, mis-advertised and has just been one constant joke for the duration of its existence. Do people in Tampa Bay care about the Rays? Well, some do but even those who do have this sort of opinion on the Rays.

I don't know who's misery needs to be ended first - the fans or the Devil Ray franchis's... In either case, baseball is not working in this region with a gracious thanks to Vincent J. Naimoli, Charles M. LaMar and Tropicana Field. It's nto that the fans or the sports passion aren't there, or the love of baseball -- it's how this team is built, how the team is run, and how the team invests that cause one to realize that things are grim for the Rays and that they would be better put out of our misery than with a continued existence.