What line is Drew due to play on?

Been a couple of days since the Artyukhin-for-Miller trade went down... Just enough days to make me curious just where Drew Miller will end up playing with the Bolts in the 2009-10 season.

There's an ongoing conversation, being hosted by our friends at Bolt Prospects, that suggests Miller has top-Six potential and should be playing in the top lines despite not putting up gargantuan numbers.

Others will note the lack of playign time at the NHL level and figure that the Bolts gave away a fan favorite in Artyukhin for a guy destined for the AHL and a draft pick....

So, best way to try to settle this is to ask you - the readers - to answer this:  Where, as it stands right now, do you expect Drew Miller to start the season?

Where will Drew Miller start the season?

1st line1
2nd line13
3rd line51
4th line13
AHL Norfolk24