What they're saying about Jeffrey Vinik and Lightning ownership

Here's a collection of quotes from sources around the net and in the press regarding the Lightning sale to Jeff Vinik. Most fo the common reactiosn that were found were mostly about the departure of OK Hockey, and less so about the private man that is Jeffrey Vinik.

If you have otehr thoughts, or have other sources of note, feel free to post them in the comments

Vinik was rather adamant in what he wants to accomplish here, and it's easy to sit behind a computer and tell you to take him at his word when he ultimately will be judged by his actions. But his words are all we have to go by now, and as far as first impressions go, you have to like what he is saying.

-- Erik Erlendsson, Tampa Tribune

So now the pre-judgment of Vinik begins, with noted Lightning booster (/snark) Ken Campbell of The Hockey News saying that "by all accounts, Vinik is not a hockey guy" before Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune shot back with "he is a big hockey fan, contrary to earlier reports. Thinking this is good news for fans."

Time will tell ... but give him time. The Lightning are right on the playoff bubble, but there's a long road ahead to mending what the previous owners broke. Meanwhile, here's Vinik:

-- Greg Wyshynski, Puck Daddy

As for the Lightning under Vinik, we don't know, not for sure anyway. Look, I just found out it was Vinik, not Vinick. The jury is still out. Heck, the jurors haven't even sat down.

What we know is that the Unknown is better than the Known, and one Known is that Koules and Barrie were going to have trouble meeting payroll.

-- Martin Fennelly, Tampa Tribune

Will Jeff Vinik be any better? Only time will tell, but it's difficult to think how it could be worse than Koules/Barrie. The biggest issue in the Koules/Barrie regime (outside of that whole money issue) is that the two owners wanted to also be coaches and GMs, like they were involved in some sort fantasy league.

-- Mike Chen, From The Rink

Vinik may not know anything about hockey, and that may be a good thing. Unlike OK Hockey who professed to be hockey fans and ended up pissing away the team, if Vinik has no interest in hockey I could care less. As long as Vinik hires the right people who knows how to run a hockey club, what we will see as an end product on the ice will be a good product. Unlike OK Hockey who took the reigns over the team, I doubt Vinik will make any hockey related decision and that really is the way to go.

-- Sha-Sha Toth, The Hockey Bay Blog

In total seriousness, just do what you just told us you were going to do.  Create a winning environment that players want to be apart of, and fans can enjoy.

-- Don't Trade Vinny