While I should focus on us...

....I'm more interested at this moment in what is going to happen to Thrashers after last night's humiliating close to the season.

...and Nashville too, sorta, as there big deadline risk is not paying off.

In Atlanta, I have to wonder if their deadline retooling and harsh close to the season (not just the playoff sweep but unconvincing, backing-into-the-playoffs effort) will result in firings of both Don Waddle and Bob Hartley or one of the two (or neither?)

As for Nashville, I never thought that the Forsberg trade was worth it and right now the Preds are proving it to me. In fact, some Preds fans are thinking the entire deck of cards is about to collapse.

At any rate, I should be focusing on Tampa Bay's own problems (a full game of hockey, gentlemen) more than other teams around the league right now... But these two circumstances are interesting none-the-less.