2007 off season... Housekeeping note

First off, let me give belated congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks for their 2006-07 Stanley Cup victory. For the third season in a row the Fianle for the NHL has been a USA vs. Canada affair and for the third time -- Canada has been stymed.

But I need to congratulate both franchises for what they accomplished... see, three years ago I dubbed the 2004 playoffs the "Pass the Friggin' Torch Tour" as I believed it signified a changing point in the NHL. It wasn't predicting the lockout of 2004-05 but it was saying that the franchises that the new expansion franchises of the past 15 years were coming of age and coming into their own. Two out of the four 1992-1994 expansion teams have now won the Stanley Cup while all four have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

On a sidenote -- I've made soem minor changes to Boltsmag for the off season... A new background was put up jsut for kicks and I changed some stuff with the quote areas on posts... Nothing major