Off Topic: Not "Hello, I'm back", but more like "sorry I'm late, but there was so much traffic"

Cassie <a href="">had to go a few months ago</a>, but she&#39;s returned to help give Raw Charge readers a big-picture view of what&#39;s going on in the NHL.

Hi, guys. I'm back. [Cue the running and the screaming.]

If you didn't miss me, that's understandable. If you don't know who I am, then you're one of the many lucky ones. And if you did miss me, then I'm confused. But since that's my natural state, we're all good here, and can carry on like the awkward strangers that we are.

My contribution to this site is to keep John off balance enough so that he won't notice I'm writing again. But also, I'll be pitching in with the big picture stuff from around the NHL. Assuming that there's something to talk about. You know how drama-free the NHL is, so it might be tough to come up with stories.

You know where to find me on Twitterif you think there's something noteworthy enough for me to write about. The NHL's so low-key, orderly, and rule-abiding that it may take me weeks and weeks to find something. So I'm open to suggestions, you know? Especially if those suggestions are included in a package of homemade cookies. Donuts are good, too. But frosted cakes don't travel well, so don't bother sending any of those.

Anywho, I've relocated - again - to the West Coast. I'm coming at you from three hours in the past, in traffic-clogged California. I made my stop off in Washington State for a few months, and have emerged from blogging exile onto the wild shores of San Jose. They have palm trees here, too, if you can believe it. Though, I'm sure long-time and native Floridians might find the nearby hills to be confining and/or confusing.

My question to all of our readers is this: Who else is lurking out here on the West Coast? And, if you are, where are you located? I'm asking to see if there's a Tampa Bay fan support group...I mean, meet our futures. I'm here, you're here, so why don't we all get together an argue over the Lightning's goaltending and fancy stats - where Clare can't find us?

If there's enough interest, we can go invade Owen Nolan's sports bar in downtown San Jose and start loudly complaining about how cold it is, how hurricanes are way easier to deal with than earthquakes, and the severe lack of alligators until they change a TV or two over to the Lightning's game. Let me know in the comments, and maybe we can come up with something.

I'll wear my best TampaCuse t-shirt, and you wear yours, okay?