Clinching the Southeast Division...?

I've been trying to figure out how long it will take for the Lightning to clinch the Southeast division and therefore a playoff spot.... We might clinch a playoff spot sooner but my concern right now is trying to figure out when and where the Bolts will shut the door on the Southeast.

TB's closest competitor in the South is the Florida Panthers who not only are 21 points back, but have played 2 more games than the Lightning (68 to 66 respectively). They have a possible 28 more points they can achieve between now and the end of the season. Meanwhile the Lightning have a possible 32 points they can pull home over that span... 4 point differential..

So, with my porous math skills and my abysmal statistical skills, does that mean the magic number is 2 (a combination of Lightning wins and Panther loses)? Someone with more knowledge than me, please chime in on this....