Coming to a head

What's with the officials in tonights game between the Lightning and the Hurricanes?

This isn't sour grapes or sour winning, but besides Dmitry Afansenkov and Marty St. Louis being manhandled all game, there is one specific incident in the closing seconds of the game that really pisses me off with how the officials pussy-footed around calling penalties.

Empty net and Affy breaks away on the lower boards -- he gets tied up with one of the Canes players stick work and passes off to Tim Taylor. Taylor goes in on the empty net to score but on the way, Craig Adams gives him a blunt foul by taking a stick to his HEAD.

No call. No nothing. Yes, it was the end of the game, but nothing from the officials and it was like that most of the night at RBC Center. The Lightning were outplayed but there was a sense of desperation -- "We have no hope so we desperately have to try to take these guys out" from the Canes. I'm not trying to stir things up, or trying to evade the fact physical play is part of the game - but with some of the non-calls tonight... It's just insulting. Officials have a hard job - yeah, but they also have to be able to call penalties right in front of their eyes... If they can't -- send them home and give someone else there job.

Postscript: I thought I was the only one who saw this and thought of how malicious the attack was. Turns out that the crew hanging at Sunshine Network's message board are full aware of it and just as pissed.