I haven't been keeping up Boltsmag (0/40 Power play drought comes to an end last night in impassioned win over the Kings! Cory Sarich pwnz j00, Mr. Kostopolus) and that can't be forgiven...

But I've had other things to worry about - volunteer job and the like. That comes before the Blog, sadly.

Oen thing I do want to point to that is non-hockey related and general sports related... specifically baseball. Marc Topkin dropped his opinion in another baseball news piece (like usual) suggesting the Devil Rays were contemplating renaming the team the Tampa Bay Tarpons in 2007. At any rate, Ski over at Best Bucs Blog has two threads and a poll up regarding the name possibilities. It's a good bit of fun and I'm taking part in that if you look through the comments. I've already stated my case on this site too though..