From inside the media workroom

It's been a few days since iI posted here at Raw Charge.  The reason?  I'm in Los Angeles as I alluded a few days ago.  Between network issues at my hotel and network issues at the Media hotel...  Well, I haven't been able to write much.

I was going to make some remarks about the teeming masses of fans waiting near Staples Center ((...for the Twilight premiere) but I missed that opportunity with thanks to my connection issues.  The joke is not funny anymore.

I wanted to hit on the fact there has been so much unrest in the Southeast Division over the last few days (trades, trades,  and coaching moves) but that newsworthiness is also wearing off.  The Bolts have remained static during all this.  Our friend Don't Trade Vinny made, perhaps, the most fitting remark describing the situation on Wednesday:

A lot of big moves, and Stevie is left still trying to decipher the scribble and stick figures on our cap sheet./p>

I can't tell you what is next for the Lightning. I have not been hob-nobbing around as much as some of the local beat writers and what not. I'm personally playing catch up on hockey right now and preparing forthe event that kicks off in a few hours.

Stay tuned.