Head coach Guy Boucher's first-pitch wrist-shot before Tampa Bay Rays game

With the Toronto Blue Jays in town for the season ending home series at Tropicana Field, the Tampa Bay Rays did a lot of outreach toward the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday - Joe Maddon wearinga Lightning hat in pre-game remarks, radio staff wearing Tampa Bay Lightning pins in pre-game interviews.

And Lightning head coach Guy Boucher throwing out the first pitch of the game. Well, kind of.

There's an Instagram photo of Boucher, a hockey stick, and a ball in transit. You don't get the gist of what Guy did on the mound. There's a sense of confusion. Cork Gaines of Rays Index posted via Twitter an animated gif of the incident, which gives you better context -- a wrist-shot as the first pitch! -- but it being an animated gif, you still don't get to enjoy it as much as you could (editors note: first animated gif that Cork had posted was from a practice of the first pitch, not the actual thing - Guy's shot was high, but over the plate).

How about video?

The Rays won the game, 12-1. We link over to our friends at DRaysBay for a full game recap. You can say that Boucher's perfect strike of a wrist shot set the tone for the awesome night of Raysball.