Happy Halloween - The Lightning Dress Up for a Party

The annual Lightning party brings out some interesting costumes

Happy Halloween!  It’s that magical day where children get to disguise themselves and wander up to strangers’ houses begging for unhealthy food (no I don’t have children, why do you ask?).  Not only do children get to dress up as their favorite heroes and villains, but more and more adults are getting into the trend. It’s not unusual for there to be office Halloween parties or dress-up contests at local bars around this time of year.

The Lightning are no different. Last week on one of their off nights they held their team Halloween party and members of the team did their best to impress their teammates (and fans on social media).  While not everyone was captured in their holiday best that evening, there were quite a few shots that trickled out on Twitter and Instagram.  He is what our crack research team (Hi Saima!) was able to put together.

JT Brown and Lexi LeFleur Brown

The Lightning’s First Couple of Social Media went retro with an Austin Powers/Fembot combination. The wig on JT sells the entire outfit.  Plus he can keep it if he ever wants to dress up as a mid-1970s hockey player.

They’re pretty good at the couples costume.  Previous years include dueling Michael Jacksons and Rey and Finn.

Alex Killorn and Andrej Sustr

Legends of the clay! Andre Agassi and Bjorn Borg.

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These two.  It would be a tragedy if one of them ever get traded.  Their adventures together have entertained Lightning fans for over two seasons now and they absolutely dominated with their Andre Agassi/ Bjorn Borg outfits.

The period-appropriate clothing along with the wigs make this a winner. Who knows, maybe Sustr borrowed one of Agassi’s actual wigs for the photo. If Killorn had taken the extra step and found a wooden racket, that might have taken this to the top.

Bonus points for posing in front of the pool like they’re getting ready to be on an episode of Cribs.

The Russians (Nikita Kucherov, Vlad Namisttnikov, Mikhail Sergachev, Andrei Vasilevskiy (we’re pretty sure it’s him)

Halloween 17’

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Kucherov as a hotshot pilot with extremely white sneakers. Namestnikov bypassed the easy Justin Bieber costume to go with a classic Where’s Waldo look. Is it an unconscious cry for attention as the sometimes forgotten member of the top line in hockey? The rookie Sergachev looks like Bam Margera dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow (complete with sparrow tattoo which, according to Wikipedia, means Sergachev has sailed 5,000 miles).

Vasilevskiy rounds out the photo with a Jason mask and Friday the 13th jersey. While the mask has become synonymous with Jason, it didn’t actually appear until the third Friday the 13th movie.

Peter Budaj

Happy Halloween #biglebowski #thiscreepcanroll #thedude #shutthefuckupdonny #jesus 🎃

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Gentlemen with beards have a few options out there. While the Lightning’s backup goaltender could have pulled off Serpico or Macho Man Randy Savage, Budaj went with the Big Lebowski. His wife, Taylor, dons a beard of her own to imitate Lebowski’s rival on the lanes, Jesus.  Nice touch by Budaj to have a Caucasian in his hand, but is he wearing jelly shoes?

Tyler Johnson and Jake Dotchin

Thank you to @buschgardens and @howloscream for hooking @dotcho4 and I with our costumes! #FacedMyFear

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One of the advantages of being a millionaire athlete is that your costume budget has no limit. An advantage that Heidi Klum has exploited for many, many years. Johnson and Dotchin went all out with a little help from the folks at Howl O’ Scream.

Johnson is terrifying as a clown (some might say a psycho clown, but all clowns are psychos so that would be redundant). Dotchin makes his team costume debut as a zombie holding the severed hand of some Maple Leaf prospect.

Chris and Maureen Kunitz

Comic Book L😍VERS! #happyhalloween. A huge thanks to @jackierileymakeup , you killed it Lady 😘

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A last minute addition to the collection shows the Lightning’s only Stanley Cup ringholder and his wife as a couple of comic book characters.  The makeup work is outstanding.

If you feel like it, go ahead and post the best photo of your Halloween costume in the comments below.