Heir to pomposity throne

For those of you missing Warren Sapp in Tampa Bay (his performance on field with the Buccaneers and his high-and-mighty, pompous and thru and thru bastard personality off it, let me introduce you to Devil Rays super-prospect Delmon Young

To those who may have forgotten, Young was pretty cranky when he was a member of the Biscuits. He refused to do interviews on camera unless he was paid.Of course, no one paid him. No one in any sport ever pays anyone for standard interviews that are used for news purposes. It's an absurd notion.

Shearer said Young used colorful language to dress down his reporters.

Young isn't even 21 and he is the envy of anti-reporter athletes everywhere. Eddie Murray must be smiling and nodding somewhere... Or shaking his head at the thought of a didn't-make-it-yet player pulling a stunt like this.

Young's attitude has been in question for a while and the Rays ought to do some serious soul searching if this attitude belongs in Tampa Bay at all.