Lightning Round: Three things I would change about the Tampa Bay Lightning

And some cute baby hockey players

It’s been approximately 17 years since we last had hockey and I’ve once again circled back to missing the Tampa Bay Lightning. Before writing this, I hunted around the internet in search of some hockey news to talk about. But seeing as it’s a Sunday in the middle of spring and in the middle of a suspension, it was slim pickings. And that made me miss hockey. Specifically, what I hope hockey will be back once we can get back to it.

Yellow Lightning Bolts

Listen, I’m sure if they tried it out now with a more modern look, it would be much better than what we had in the late 90’s. But then again, if they just copied and pasted this onto the current jerseys, a lot of people would hate it but I would love it.

But seriously, a third color would be great for the Lightning. Blue and white are good colors. Black kind of missed. Yellow balances blue well and would give the jerseys a little more pop. No neon, though, I didn’t like the All Star jerseys that much.

The Ugly Sweater: Presenting the worst uniform design in Lightning history

Quick Strikes: Brian Boyle receives a standing ovation in his return to Tampa

A different way to get rid of Matthew Carle’s contract

This one’s mostly hindsight, but it just annoys me a little too much whenever I scroll down the Lightning’s CapFriendly page.

Matthew Carle is still getting paid $1.85 million against the cap this season. It honestly feels like forever since that contract was signed (eight years ago) and subsequently bought out (four years ago). Thankfully this is the last season of it and we’ll be done with it in 2020-21.

By the way, Vinny’s $7.727 million contract over 11 seasons would’ve expired this season if it was still running. Instead, he’s getting buyout money (not against the cap) for the next seven years after this one.

I wonder if teams are going to get more compliance buyouts if the cap goes down this summer? Who would we even use it on?

Bring Back Brian Boyle

When this is over and I have a chance to drive Boyler from Sunrise to Brandon for practice, I will absolutely do it. Don’t care how we circumvent the cap, make it happen. He only spent three years with us, but they were some of the best. 41 regular season goals, six in the playoffs, you can get a lot worse from other fourth liners.

After only three years, Boyler still carries so much respect and love from this fanbase, and from every fanbase around the league. Every July 1st, I quietly hope he re-signs with the Lightning and plays here again. And I know I’m not the only one that feels that way, it’s almost universal.

Quick Strikes: Brian Boyle receives a standing ovation in his return to Tampa

And I swear, you can always count on him for an overtime winner in the playoffs.

Our friends (soon-to-be enemies) at PPP recorded a podcast where they walked around the NHL and talked about every team in alphabetical order. Part 1 came out last week so I presume the Bolts are in this week’s episode. Something worth checking out!

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Starting a new series: “Krunch Kids.” This week, the Conachers and Witkowskis.

Starting today, the NHL is doing a “Greatest Moment of the 2019-20 NHL Season” bracket. Voting is on Twitter and Instagram.

I actually learned a lot about how referees see things just from watching this three minute video. Also, I hope we get to collectively boo Kristen Welsh one day.

Check out that cannon from Baby Gardiner!