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Adding links in the Local Hockey menu on the right, the Tampa Bay Junior Lightning join the fray...

Also added was the junior Lady Lightning Trish Brown had left a comment on one of the other posts and I'd like to quote it here to help her cause out:

Calling all Hockey fans! I need your help! Tampa Bay is a fast growing hot bed for youth Hockey, what you may not know is that Florida is starting to develop some of the top future female college propects in the country. Here in the bay area we have first ever all girls 10 and under ice hockey team. The team was formed a year ago, they play against boys teams and are really paving the way for girls around the State. We need more players of all ages and are trying to get the word out. If you have a daughter, niece or grand daughter that loves hockey give us a call. No experiance or existing player, all are welcome to join our program!

We are also looking for sponsor's, this is a very expensive sport and has impacted our efforts to recruit girls that have a burning desire to learn to play. We feel every girl should have the opportunity to learn and funds should not be a factor in the ability for them to do so.... Our mission is to give every girl the oppertunity to be a part of fast paced, exciting team sport, where they learn the importance of hard work, dedication, team work, while building a strong sense of worth and confidance..... For more information please send an email to Trish Brown (Team Represntative)@ ukdoyle@aol.com

Thanks !!!.